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About My Practice

My therapy practice is based on the belief that your needs and personal growth are of the utmost importance. I am committed to helping you meet those needs and achieve your potential. I provide affordable psychotherapy to help individuals, couples, and families explore and resolve challenging problems. I'll help you move from confusion to clarity, so that you can make effective life choices.

Therapy can help you to achieve personal success and more satisfying relationships.

I often work with individuals, and readily bring in other family members as needed to help everyone identify and share their perspectives, opinions, and emotions. I facilitate working through painful feelings towards a positive outcome.

I offer assessment and counseling, and make appropriate referrals for substance use, severe eating disorders, and cognitive functioning.

Family Therapy, with all family members in the room together, is based on the premise that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Family Systems therapy views the family as an emotional unit of interdependent relationships which support or inhibit each individual's development. The therapeutic environment offers the opportunity for a family's habitual patterns of communication and behaviors to be seen in context and understood with compassion, creating a space to work together to make satisfying changes.

As a high school teacher, I became familiar with learning differences, and can help you identify when they are interfering with academic achievement. I will work with school and college counselors, make referrals for appropriate evaluation, and offer strategies to increase academic success. Other topics specific to teens, such as discovering identity, drug and alcohol use, social problems, stress, anxiety, depression, sex, bullying and intimidation, video game usage, etc. can also be discussed in therapy.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you.


710 C Street, #7C

San Rafael, CA 94901

Free Parking and Wheelchair Accessible


(415) 492-9850


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